Few Spa Etiquette That You Must Remember

While visiting a spa you must remember few etiquettes to follow. Following are few important questions that many of you may have on your mind that have been answered in this post.

  • Will it be safe to visit spa if I happen to be pregnant?

If you are pregnant then it will be better to avoid any rigorous massage that can put pressure on your stomach, but you can continue with sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath etc.

  • Is there any condition when visiting a spa that can be a problem?

In case you have recently undergone surgery or was ill for a long time then you need to take doctor’s permission. Same will be the case if you are taking any kind of special treatment.

  • Is there spa treatment for teenagers too?

Usually, most of the Strom Spa in my city will entertain anyone who is 16 years but an adult must accompany them. However, there are few spas where they make restricted entry only for people above 18.

  • During spa break what should I wear?

Usually, the dress code will be mentioned when you visit a spa however you can wear any comfortable dress or even swimming suit too.

  • During the spa treatment what should I wear?

Usually most of the time you will be in the swimming costume however it will be between you and your therapist, how much you want to cover or expose.

  • How much advance should I arrive from appointed time?

You must arrive about 10 to 15 minutes in advance so that you will feel relaxed when you enter your spa treatment.

  • Am I allowed to bring my pet?

The spa venue may allow to come with your pet but you must remember that you will have to pay little extra charges for that.

  • If I have certain special dietary need then can it be accommodated?

It can be surely accommodated and, in that case, you need to inform the sales consultant in advance while you are doing your booking.

  • What should I do if I am dissatisfied with any part of the treatment?

This is in fact one of the very common concerns that most of the spa center has to face. Yes, you can certainly interrupt the therapist in case you are not happy. You can also speak to the management of the spa center if you are not satisfied after discussing with therapist.

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